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About the Talent Discovery Guide

The IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ helps you evaluate your natural talents or innate skills. Your natural talents are part of your DNA and, therefore, are adaptable to most every career, self-employment, volunteer or ministry service position. Synonyms for a talent are knack, intuition and gift. A talented person is referred to as one who is gifted or has intuitive insights. Everyone has natural talents. Your natural talents seek to grow through intuitive trial and error. The more you use them, the higher your level of proficiency and productivity will be.

The skills you use in your occupation, job or career do not imply any particular natural talent. Perhaps because of repetitive action on their jobs, most people can list their work skills but they find it difficult to make a distinction between what they have learned to do and what their intuitive real talent is. Unaware that they have unused and underdeveloped natural talents, most people have great potential from "hidden" talents just waiting to be discovered and developed. These are referred to as "hidden" or underdeveloped potential.

The Talent Discovery Guide™ exercise was initially conceived in 1974 and has assisted over 30,000 adults in their career advancement. If you are a college or advanced degree student, the Talent Discovery Guide™ can help you select your best options for fields of study which are compatible with your strengths. It can also help you discover and pinpoint obstacles which may thwart your efforts as you seek to obtain a formal education.

Discovery One: Recall your past activities and experiences. List the top 10 that interested you the most.
Discovery Two: Evaluate each of these 10 enjoyable experiences to identify which of your talents you have used most consistently.
Discovery Three: Select your highest talent strengths from the scored results.
Discovery Four: Validate your talent strength selections by answering questions which compare your lifestyle to typical talent behavior patterns.

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