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Uses for College Students

Most college students seek to choose classes which can prepare them for a future career. A key feature of the IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ is a list of recommended college majors and fields of study which match each Talent. In addition, specific Talents are highlighted which have been known to facilitate advancement in the classroom.

Self-confidence is more easily developed when younger college students are able to identify their Talent strengths and validate their use through targeted internships, field experiences and practicum.

Most college, university and seminary campuses provide on-campus recruitment programs for graduating students. It's in these programs that students have the unique opportunity to meet with potential future employers where career goals and requirements of employment are discussed. Students who have discovered their real Talents through the IDAK Talent Discovery Guide™ and have also completed the coursework and obtained practical field experience in these relevant areas will command great advantage in their interviews.

Natural talents are part of our DNA. Success in the classroom can be substantially increased by choosing Talent appropriate classes and majors. Success in the classroom means a substantial increase of one's personal potential—which leads to greater success in one's career.

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