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The IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ leads you through the highlights of your life to evaluate your most consistent patterns of natural talent behavior. This is a four-step self-assessment exercise which is valuable for personal awareness and as a tool for future career and volunteer service decisions. IDAK does provide additional levels of talent assessment and testing when your needs require higher levels of validity and reliability (see Frequently Asked Questions). The IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ steps include:

Discovery One: Recall
Recall your past activities and experiences. Select your top 10.
(approx 20 minutes)
Discovery Two: Evaluate
Evaluate each of your 10 enjoyed experiences to identify which talents you have used most consistently.
(approx 60 minutes)
Discovery Three: Select
Select your top talent strengths using the exercise score results.
(approx 10 minutes)
Discovery Four: Validate
Validate your talent strength selections by answering questions which compare your lifestyle to typical talent behavioral patterns.
(approx 15 minutes)

The exercise begins by recalling your life's enjoyable activities, including any enjoyable projects at your place of work.

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