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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The exercises you will be completing require careful attention with few distractions. To minimize error, we require that you complete these exercises using Firefox or Internet Explorer browser (not Chrome or Windows 10 IE). Also, please use a desktop or laptop computer (not an iPad or other mobile device). Thank you for following these important instructions.

Thank you for selecting the IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ to assist you in identifying your natural talent strengths. This discovery process will enable you to:

  • Identify your natural talents or innate skills.
  • Develop your self-confidence in selecting job duties which fit your strengths.
  • Resolve confusion between your occupational skills and your innate skills.
  • Provide documentation which can be shared with an employer or team leader to further your personal growth and development.
  • If a student, help select a direction for your academic study which fits your strengths.

The cost of the online Talent Discovery Guide™ is $15 per individual.

You have three options for payment:

  • Online secured payment with credit card. Click here for online payment.
  • By telephone call using credit card (with live, personal operator).
    Click here for instructions for telephone credit card payment.
  • By check through the mail. The check option requires that you wait until your check is cleared before you can begin the service. Please provide your email address so we can notify you when payment is approved. Click here for instructions on sending a check.

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