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Discovery One: Recall Your Past Experiences (Approx 15-20 minutes)

Introduction: Research and over 30 years of assessment experience have shown that your past enjoyable experiences reveal valuable information about your Natural Talents. The consistent patterns of behavior in these enjoyed experiences have been found to be more accurate than patterns from your occupational job duties. College education and job experience have a minor influence on the discovery of your Natural Talents.

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Hobbies / Activities:
Building Models
Designing Clothing
Interior Decorating
Gardening, Lawn Care
Flower Arranging
Fine Arts Painting
Speaking to Groups
Short Wave Radio/CB
Electronic Kits
Metalworking, Jewelry
Home Remodeling
Car Repair
Arts and Crafts
Games: Chess, Bridge, Monopoly
Playing Sports, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, HandBall, etc.
Collecting Things
Traveling: Vacations, Trips
Antique Collecting
Crossword Puzzles
Word Games
Camping, Hiking, Backpacking
Hunting, Fishing, Trapping
Volunteer Teaching
Driving: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, etc.
Ceramics, Leather-tooling
Teacher's Aid/Tutoring
Training Animals
Cut Friend's Hair/Apply Make-up
Serving Food at Receptions
Music Group Performing
Horseback Riding
Upholstery Repairing
Participating in a Booth Exhibition
Financial Investing
Making Posters for Activities
Dramatic Performances
Individual Study/Researching
Writing Literary Material
Singing as a Performer
Playing a Musical Instrument
Music Conducting
Writing Music
Chemistry Experiments
Appliance Repair
Listening to Friends (counseling)
Rearranging Home/Furniture
Budgeting Finances/Checkbook
Researching a Subject
Coaching a Team/Individual
Arranging Social Gatherings
Computer Processing
Ballet Dancing
Promoting Group Activities
Graphic Design, Cartoons, Signs
Entertaining Guests
Organizing Garage Sales
Bicycling, Jogging, Aerobics
Target Practice: Gun/Bow
Bargaining (Swapping)
Computer Video Games
Creative Writing
Community Activities:
Service Clubs, Business Associations
Junior Chamber of Commerce Events
Civic Volunteer
Disabled Aid Volunteer
Service Clubs, Business Associations
Junior Chamber of Commerce Events
United Way, March of Dimes Events
Neighborhood Groups
Political Campaigns
Parent/Teacher Associations
Religious Business Club Events
Civil Air Patrol
Environmental Group Events
Consumer Group Events
Hospital Volunteer
Museum/Historical Society
Art Guild
Botanical Garden Society
Scouting Troop Volunteer
Rescue Squad/Volunteer Fire Department
Care for Shut-ins
School Activities:
Future Farmers of America/4-H
Foreign Exchange Student
Student Government
Athletics: Individual/Team
Cheerleader/Pep Squad
Drama, Theatre
Orchestra, Band
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
Religious Campus Clubs
Political Clubs
Social Concern Projects
Dormitory Officer
Debate Team
Language Club
Art Club
Business Club
Science Club
Chess Club
Future Teachers' Association
Library Service
Ethnic Club
Safety Patrol
School Newspaper
Speech Club
Yearbook Staff
Radio Broadcasting
Industrial Arts
Auto Shop
Work-Learn Internship
Church Activities:
Missionary Emphasis Conferences
Evangelism Events
Organized Social Events
Nursery Volunteer
Choir/Special Music/Tours
Master of Ceremonies
Bible Study Group
Youth Group
Sunday School Class
Board Member
Teaching Classes
Special Committees
Summer Programs
Church Officer

Other Activities: Do you have other enjoyable activities which are not listed above? If yes, type these below.

Work Experience: Do you have any enjoyable work experiences or work projects? If yes, type these below.

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